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This book covers all areas of pharmaceutical research. The contributions by the authors histomorphology; nephrotoxicity; vascular degeneration; myofascial pain syndrome; myofascial trigger points; taut muscle; myofascial massage therapy; regional pain syndromes; medicinal plants; therapeutic choice validation; Spilanthes paniculata; paracetamol; oxidative stress; propranolol; pharmacokinetics; thioacetamide; liver fibrosis; Rhamnus prinoides; rhamnaceae; radical scavenging assay; antibacterial activity; hexane extracts; ethyl acetate extracts; chloroform extracts; asteraceae; Olea europea; Ephedra fragilis; Ecballium elaterium; immunostimulant effects; heart disease; monotherapy; myocardial tissue; mechanism of drugs; herbal oral health drinks; aqueous extract; remnant tumour; adenocarcinoma; urachal cyst; carcinomas; cystoscopy; Crytomeric japonia; Lindera umbellata; Thujopsis dolabrata; balofloxacin; gatifloxacin; levofloxacin; moxifloxacin; prulifloxacin; sparfloxacin; gastroretentive etc. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of pharmaceutical research.

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