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This book covers all areas of physical science. The contributions by the authors include Pythagorean triples, Fermat’s last theorem, space-time, energy effect, Planck’s action quantum h, adapted space-time, quantization of space and time, Faulhaber conjecture, powers sums, arithmetic progression, Bernoulli polynomials, Jacobi formula, Donor-doped silicon, electrical conductivity, thermal noise, Einstein’s relation, diffusion coefficient, drift and hall mobility of electrons, donor-doped silicon, Randomly Moving (RM) charge carrier density, electrical conductivity, two-band model, hall coefficient, hall mobility, drift mobility, Density-of-States (DOS), sums of powers on arithmetic progression, Bernoulli numbers, Bernoulli polynomials, Fourier transform, fractional order Fourier transform, differential transform, kernels of integral transforms, transforms of geometric forms, Finsler geometry, DISIMb(2) relativistic symmetry, Finslerian extension of GR, operational calculus, differential equations, special functions, Laplace transform, eigenfunctions, Newton binomial etc. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of physical science.

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