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This book covers key areas of engineering and technology and other related fields. The contributions by the authors include  NOMA, FD-MC-CDMA, fading channels, wheel, rail, squeal, finite element, complex eigenvalue, field test, Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM), bridgeless converter, Single Ended Primary Inductor Converter (SEPIC), Power Factor Correction (PFC), ripple reduction, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), BER, DBA, eye diagram, GPON, Q-factor, SNR, cracks, uniaxial tension, tensile degree, lateral buckling, R/C prisms, reinforcement concrete, reinforcement ratio, tensile strain, R/C walls, lateral instability, longitudinal reinforcement, functionality, software design, use case diagram, enlarge text, artifical intelligence, vision people, social network, spectrum sensing, HAN-Queuing model, energy efficiency, stabilization, waste materials, rice husk ash, lime, GGBS, coir fiber, adaptive fuzzy, frequency control, fuzzy control, neuro-fuzzy control, speed control, steam turbine speed, two area system, exhaust back pressure, valve timing, exhaust pipes, combustion efficiency, pH sensor, turbidity, GSM module (minimized), SMS, temperature sensor, soil stickiness sensor, humidity sensor, cooperation, cooperative cellular networks, relay selection etc. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of engineering and technology.

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