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This book covers all areas of science and technology. The contributions by the authors include determinants of money demand M2, cointegration, error correction model, shock analysis, safety culture, safe behavior, at-risk behavior, rainfall IDF modeling, gumbel extreme value type 3, quotient model, log Pearson type 3, optimization solver, least squares, obesity classification, BMI, waist circumference and AHC, logistic regression, Reference-Evapotranspiration (RET-ET), empirical models, radiation-based methods, temperature-based methods, FAO 56 –PM, chickpea, genetic diversity, D2 statistics, ward minimum variance method, green synthesis, CuO and Ag2O NPs, multifunctional, antimicrobial activity, plastic injection moulding, process analysis, flow analysis, ECVT, 3-D volume imaging, 3-D sensitivity matrix, 3-D sensor capacitance, systemic modeling, soil structure, soil properties, multimodal authentication, parallel changeover etc. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of science and technology.

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