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This book series covers key areas of Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Astronomy, Natural Science, Earth Sciences and other related fields. Chapters of this present book include following areas: Mathematical model, specific absorption rate, EMF radiation, power absorption, field strength, non-thermal effects, foF2 diurnal variation, Mean Relative Error (MRE), E-region electric current,  quantum hydrodynamic analogy, quantum to classical transition, quantum decoherence, quantum dissipation, noise suppression, open quantum systems, quantum dispersive phenomena, quantum irreversibilityquantum to classical transition, quantum decoherence, open quantum systems, lambda point, maximum density at phase transitionsradar doppler microwave sensor, ionospheric plasma, morphometric parameters, bivariate, fluvial setting, elongation ratio, Corrosion inhibition, adsorption isotherm, Luminescence spectroscopy, polycarbonate, UV-light stabilizer, cosmic vacuum energy density, Friedmann equations, thermodynamics, rainfall variability, earth-satellite links, tropical region, quantized velocity,  multi-level universes world, fiber, red mud, fly ash, plasma coating, bond strength, thermal stability, wear mechanism, convolution integral, fractional derivative, Curie-von Schweidler law, time varying capacity function, loss tangent etc. This book is a valuable addition to the existing knowledge and is especially intended for university students and all professionals in the field of Physical science.

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