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This book covers brief areas of mathematics and computer science. Authors’ contribution includes in aspect of complex systems, matrix vector transition net, modeling, Petri nets, colored Petri nets, symbolic modeling, Bitwise operations, integer representation of sets, exponential latin square, Exponential Sudoku matrix, G¨odel encoding, Russell’s paradox, standard model, Henkin semantics, inaccessible cardinal, Fatou set, simple and multiple connected components, Dual reciprocity boundary elemental method, shape optimization, design sensitivity analysis, golden-section search algorithm, neutrosophic goal geometric programming algorithm, proof complexity, Binomial and multinomial modeling, periodic function, fixed point theorem, Banach contractive mapping theorem,  periodic g-contractive mapping theorem, Shape optimization, design sensitivity, implicit differentiation, anisotropic structures etc. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of mathematical as well as computer science.

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