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This book covers key areas of applied science & technology and other related fields (theme: engineering and mathematics). The contributions by the authors include engineering, mathematics, milling; modelling; periodic holder, Big Boolean algebra; parametric solution; listing of particular solutions; digital design; direct and inverse arithmetic; integer factorisation; Diophantine equations,  p(x)-laplacian equation; uniqueness; numerical blow-up; encoding techniques; Huffman and run-length algorithms; compression techniques; encoding; decoding, foamed concrete; continental applications cellular technology; infrastructural development, machine learning; fraud detection; feature selection; linear regression; principal component analysis, actor-network theory; boundary value problems; chaos; mathematical modeling; dynamical systems, power point, predictor-corrector; shape optimization; magneto-thermoelasticity; functionally graded anisotropic structures; dual reciprocity boundary element method etc. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of applied science and technology (theme: engineering and mathematics).

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